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Editor : Charles Forsman
This book has a really loose theme, as have most of our Sundays volumes. This time out I instructed the artists to dance on the theme of Forever Changes which I also subtitles the book. I didn’t give too much direction just suggestion and inspiration. This book is filled with a lot of my friends, heroes, and people I only know from seeing their work online. I just want to thank them for indulging me on making my dream comic.

With Mickey Z, Jeff Lok, Ed Piskor, Warren Craghead III, Aaron Cockle, Melissa Mendes, Joseph Lambert, Mark Burrier, Alex Kim, David Libens, Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, Dane Martin, Julie Delporte, Michael DeForge, Sean Ford, Samuel C. Gaskin, Scott Longo, Jose-Luis Olivares, Mari Ahokoivu, Max de Radigués, Damien Jay, Lydia Conklin

- dans les top 30 des meilleurs mini comics de 2011 sur The Comics Journal

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